Dr. Beth Allan
Science Education
Department of Biology
University of Central Oklahoma
Dr. Julie Angle
College of Eduction
Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma Science Teachers Association Board of Directors
Dr. Richard E. Broughton
Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology and
Biological Survey, University of Oklahoma
OESE Workshop Committee Chair
OESE President-elect
Todd Carter
Past President, National Association of Biology Teachers
Director of Research and Assessment,
   Seward County Community College, KS
Susan Cogan
Writer of novels
Author of The Pocket Darwin
Dr. James R. Derby
President, Derby and Associates, Inc., Geological Consultants
President, Tulsa Interfaith Alliance
Adjucnt Professor of Geology, University of Tulsa
OESE Executive Committee Member
Dr. Stanley Fox
Regents Professor of Zoology emeritus and
Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians emeritus
Oklahoma State University
Dr. Donald French
Professor of Zoology
Oklahoma State University
Past President, National Association of Biology Teachers
David Grow
Former Curator at Oklahoma City Zoo
Jeff Hamilton
President, Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma
Associate Pastor, First Christian Church, Oklahoma City
Former State Legislator
Deborah Hill
Norman High School
Oklahoma Science Teachers Association President
OESE Treasurer
Dr. Peggy S. M. Hill
Associate Professor of Biology
University of Tulsa
Dr. Kenneth Hobson
Department of Biology
University of Oklahoma
Daniel J. Hough
Information Technology Analyst
Oklahoma Biological Survey
OESE webmaster
James A. Huff
Faith Communities Contacts Committee, Oklahoma Chapter
   of Americans United for Separation of Church and State
High School social studies teacher (sociology, religions
    of the World)
Dr. Victor H. Hutchison
George Lynn Cross Research Professor Emeritus
Department of Zoology, University of Oklahoma
OESE Past-President
Dr. Kevin Kloesel
Associate Dean, College of Atmospheric Geographic Sciences
Director, Oklahoma Climatological Survey
University of Oklahoma
Dr. Cecil Lewis
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of Oklahoma
Day B. Ligon
Assistant Professor, Biology
Missouri State University
Bethany Lorenz
Putnam City North High School Teacher of the Year
Oklahoma Science Teachers Association Board of Directors
Dr. Joseph Maness
Associate Professor of Biology
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
OESE Immediate Past President
Bob Melton
Science Curriculum Specialist
Putnam City Schools
OESE Executive Committee Member
Dr. Bruce Prescott
Executive Director, Oklahoma Mainstream Baptists
President, Oklahoma Chapter of Americans United
    for Separation of Church and State
Dr. Valerie O'Brien
Assistant Professor Anatomy & Physiology/Nutrition
Tulsa Community College
Dr. Doren Recker
Head, Philosophy Department
Oklahoma State University
Dr. Bob Rice
Pastor, First Presbyterian Church
Dr. Stanley Rice
Professor of Biological Sciences
Southeastern Oklahoma State University
OESE Community Outreach Committee Chair
OESE President
Dr. Frank Sonleitner
Professor of Zoology Emeritus
University of Oklahoma
National Center for Science Education Supporter
David Wrenn, M.S.W.
OESE Secretary
Dr. Sharon Young
Professor of Biology
Southern Nazarene University

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