Bill Tracking in the Oklahoma Legislature

Searching for bills of interest

Bill tracking service is provided by the Legislative Service Bureau. To access the service: Go to
Click on the My Government link in the More Links section at the bottom of the page, then choose Legislative Branch.
Under the Legislative Branch list, choose Legislative Service Bureau
That page, entitled Oklahoma State Legislature, in the Legislative Service Bureau. Here you can search for bills of interest and track those by bill number.
To search bills, under the Legislation dropdown, choose Text of Measures.
This is where all the bills are listed. Select the chamber of interest, session (current session will be the default) and Introduced to get started. Then click the Search button.
This will list all of the bills introduced in that chamber. Each legislative session spans two years, so bills introduced in the odd-numbered year of the session are listed (and numbered) first, and those in the even-numbered year come afterwards. So, for instance, for the session in 2012, you should skip all the bills introduced in 2011. You can use your browser's find function to find the 2012 bills. The first numbered bill introduced in the senate for 2012 is SB986.
You can scroll down the list from there to look for bills you may be interested in.
The list includes the date introduced (will be 02/06/12) for all of the 2012 bills, bill title, and Senate author(s). You can use your browser find function to help find what you are interested in.
Clicking on the bill number will bring up the text of the bill. The text of the bills are in Rich Text Format (.rtf) files, which can be read by any word processor.
Make a list of the bill numbers that you want to track.
Once you finish the Senate list, use your browser's back button, choose the House this time and bring up the introduced bill list for the House.
House bills start at HB1001. The first one for the 2012 session is HB2186.
Again you can use your browser's find feature to find the bills you are interested in.

Tracking bills of interest

Once you have the numbers of the bills you are interested in selected, choose Track Bills (LENS) from the Legislation dropdown menu.
You will be directed to a login page. The first time, you will need to sign up for an account. Then you can log in.
Once logged in, you can enter the bills you are interested in, one at a time, you do not need the HB or SB parts of the bill number, and select the actions you want to be notified of for the bills.
I recommend checking all the boxes.
Save your settings for each measure.
You will receive email notifications when your bill is up for many of these actions.

The page also has a link to the Personal Bill Tracking feature. Click on that link.
This brings up the Advanced Bill Search page (also available from the Legislation dropdown menu).
Click on the Personal Bill Tracking link under the Bill Tracking Reports menu.
This will bring up the Personl Bill Tracking form in the middle of the page.
Enter your bill numbers (with the HB or SB prefix, e.g., HB2186) in the New Measure Number box, one at at time, and click the Add to List button.
When finished with all of your bills, click the Save List button.
The list of bills you have selected will show up in the measures list.
The find out the current status of the bills, press the Retrieve button.
The resulting Personal Bill Tracking page, will indicate the current status of each of the bills on your list. You can click on the bill number to get a detailed report of the history for the bill.

Contributed by Dan Hough, on 5 December 2011. Updated on 29 May 2012.