The July 2005 newsletter ‘Insight’ of the Interfaith Alliance Foundation of Oklahoma, Inc. (TIA) had articles on ‘What’s Wrong with Intelligent Design?’ and a strong statement on creationism. The first article describes a presentation by Dr. Victor Hutchison in the latest GOODSTAR (Growing Oklahoma Dialog on Science and Religion at Oklahoma City University on 27 June and initiates a forum on the science/theology controversy in ‘Insight.’

The TIA Board at their May 2005 meeting adopted the following statement:

It is our understanding that science addresses the issues of how the World works along with a method for testing and verifying the theories set forth. The religious traditions, on the other hand, address the issue of why, and the meaning of life in the physical world. The confession of faith concerning human life moves us beyond the scope of science. Therefore, since creationism and intelligent design are religious and philosophical confessions, we believe that to teach those views as science is detrimental to the teaching of science.”

“The Board also expressed concern that those who propose intelligent design and scientific creationism are seeking to promote covertly a particular religious dogma contrary to the beliefs of many citizens of different religious faiths and thereby restrict their constitutional freedom of religion.”